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    MueLu: Xpetra: fix macro usage in cmake files · bfe7d03f
    Jonathan Hu authored
    This commit allows the MueLu TwoBillion test to compile and run
    nontrivially again.
    There were multiple problems:
     1) The TwoBillion test itself was using an Xpetra preprocessor macro
     that wasn't ever defined.
     2) The TwoBillion test was protected in CMake with an Xpetra variable
     that was set with "SET" instead of "SET_GLOBAL".
     3) MueLu wasn't using the ASSERT_DEFINED cmake macro, which throws an
     error if a variable isn't defined and would have caught issue #2.
    Build/Test Cases Summary
    Enabled Packages: MueLu, Xpetra
    Enabled all Forward Packages
    0) MPI_DEBUG => passed: passed=356,notpassed=0 (27.99 min)
    1) SERIAL_RELEASE => passed: passed=348,notpassed=0 (15.15 min)
    2) MPI_SS_DEBUG => FAILED: passed=619,notpassed=2 => Not ready to push! (54.96 min)
    3) SERIAL_SS_RELEASE => passed: passed=354,notpassed=0 (26.55 min)
    WARNING: Forced the push!
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