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    Kokkos: Change tests to depend on Gtest package instead of local gtest · c7806217
    Brent Perschbacher authored
    Removed the local copy of gtest to prevent collisions with the package version
    of gtest. Moved all tests that were using gtest to rely instead on the package
    Build/Test Cases Summary
    Enabled Packages: Gtest, KokkosTPL, KokkosContainers, KokkosCore, KokkosLinAlg
    0) MPI_DEBUG => FAILED: no tests run (0.44 min)
    1) SERIAL_RELEASE => FAILED: no tests run (0.44 min)
    2) MPI_DEBUG_extra => passed: passed=8,notpassed=0 (1.07 min)
    3) SERIAL_RELEASE_extra => passed: passed=8,notpassed=0 (1.08 min)
    Other local commits for this build/test group: d512983
    WARNING: Forced the push!