Commit 094e4a2e authored by James Willenbring's avatar James Willenbring
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Updating version file to reflect that 12.16 has been branched.

Updating to 12.17 for now because in Trilinos 13 we are going
to break backward compatibility and don't want to do so quite yet.
Also, we are planning to change the versioning approach. This change
does not indicate we are planning a 12.18 release.
parent 0f5ec727
......@@ -59,10 +59,10 @@
# for release mode and set the version.
SET(Trilinos_VERSION 12.13)
SET(Trilinos_VERSION 12.17)
SET(Trilinos_VERSION_STRING "12.13 (Dev)")
SET(Trilinos_VERSION_STRING "12.17 (Dev)")
SET(Trilinos_ENABLE_DEVELOPMENT_MODE_DEFAULT ON) # Change to 'OFF' for a release
# Used by testing scripts and should not be used elsewhere
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