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Merge Pull Request #5066 from trilinos/Trilinos/csiefer-22ebf0d2

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PR Title: Xpetra: Fixing Albany issue
PR Author: csiefer2
parents 893b1771 22ebf0d2
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ template<class Scalar, class LocalOrdinal, class GlobalOrdinal, class Node>
//! TpetraMultiVector constructor to wrap a Tpetra::MultiVector object
TpetraVector(const Teuchos::RCP<Tpetra::Vector<Scalar,LocalOrdinal,GlobalOrdinal,Node> > &vec) {
TpetraVector(const Teuchos::RCP<Tpetra::Vector<Scalar,LocalOrdinal,GlobalOrdinal,Node> > &vec) : TpetraMultiVector<Scalar,LocalOrdinal,GlobalOrdinal,Node> (vec) {
XPETRA_TPETRA_ETI_EXCEPTION( typeid(TpetraVector<Scalar,LocalOrdinal,GlobalOrdinal,EpetraNode>).name() , typeid(TpetraVector<Scalar,LocalOrdinal,GlobalOrdinal,EpetraNode>).name(), "int", typeid(EpetraNode).name() );
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