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MueLu/HHG: add documentation

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......@@ -944,6 +944,20 @@ void MakeCoarseLevelMaps(const int maxRegPerProc, const int numLevels,
} // MakeCoarseLevelMaps
/* Reconstruct coarse-level maps (assuming fully structured grids)
* We know the regional map on the coarse levels since they are just the
* row maps of the coarse level operators. Though, we need to re-construct
* the quasiRegional and composite maps ourselves.
* We ultimately are only interested in the composite map on the coarsest level.
* Intermediate levels are dealt with along the way, because we go through all
* levels recursively.
* Assumptions:
* - fully structured grid
* - only on region per proc and group
template <class Scalar, class LocalOrdinal, class GlobalOrdinal, class Node>
void MakeCoarseLevelMaps2(const int maxRegPerGID,
Teuchos::ArrayView<LocalOrdinal> compositeToRegionLIDsFinest,
......@@ -956,8 +970,6 @@ void MakeCoarseLevelMaps2(const int maxRegPerGID,
Array<std::vector<RCP<Xpetra::Import<LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node> > > >& regRowImporters) {
#include "Xpetra_UseShortNames.hpp"
// We have a coarse grid in region format and we want to get the associated composite grid.
// We need to decompose that process into multiple smaller tasks.
using MT = typename Teuchos::ScalarTraits<SC>::magnitudeType;
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