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PR Title: MueLu: More RAPShift fixes
PR Author: csiefer2
parents d62a9ded 45c80d89
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ namespace MueLu {
Teuchos::ArrayView<const double> doubleShifts;
Teuchos::Array<double> myshifts;
Teuchos::ArrayRCP<double> myshifts;
if(pL.isParameter("rap: shift array") && pL.get<Teuchos::Array<double> >("rap: shift array").size() > 0 ) {
// Do we have an array of shifts? If so, we set doubleShifts_
doubleShifts = pL.get<Teuchos::Array<double> >("rap: shift array")();
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ namespace MueLu {
Set(coarseLevel,"cfl-based shift array",myshifts);
else {
Teuchos::Array<double> myshifs = Get<Teuchos::Array<double> > (fineLevel,"cfl-based shift array");
myshifts = Get<Teuchos::ArrayRCP<double> > (fineLevel,"cfl-based shift array");
doubleShifts = myshifts();
Set(coarseLevel,"cfl-based shift array",myshifts);
// NOTE: If we're not on level zero, then we should have a shift array
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