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KokkosExample: Added README to identify examples.

The README was hastily written and I don't really know what all the
examples actually do (what's the difference between feint and fixture,
for example?).  Please revise this.
parent 574eb134
This directory contains example application proxies that use different
parts of Kokkos. If you are looking for the FENL ("finite element
nonlinear" solve) example, it has moved into the LinAlg subpackage of
- common: Header files used by different examples
- feint: Unstructured finite-element method
- fixture: Some other finite-element method example
- global_2_local_ids: Example of global-to-local index lookup
- grow_array: Parallel dynamic memory allocation
- md_skeleton: Molecular dynamics
- query_device: Kokkos' HWLOC wrapper for querying device topology
- sort_array: Parallel sort
- tutorial: Kokkos tutorial (START HERE)
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