1. 07 May, 2019 2 commits
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  3. 30 Apr, 2019 20 commits
  4. 29 Apr, 2019 11 commits
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      MueLu/HHG: · c30e956d
      Matthias Mayr authored
      1) issue warning for missing coarse solver
      Coarse level solver has not been migrated to Xpetra yet.
      For now, we just skip it and don't do anything on the coarse level.
      However, proc 0 writes a warning message to the screen.
      2) Fix map when reading input matrix
      Use the composite map instead of creating a linear map when reading
      the input matrix.
      Remove obsolete function argument
      3) Specify example via command line:
      The HHG driver reads various input files. The exact example has to be
      known in order to setup the structured region MG. Now, the exaxt
      name of the example has to be passed via a command line arguement
      Add include guards
      Move utilities to utils file
      Part of #4084.
    • Luc Berger-Vergiat's avatar
      MueLu: starting to integrate fully structured driver and headers for regionMG · ff5a1a03
      Luc Berger-Vergiat authored
      This is a starting point only, actually some difficulties with the LIDRegion, appData and myRegions arrise quickly preventing further progress.
      Also removing unsued variables from research region_algorithms/Driver.cpp
    • Matthias Mayr's avatar
      MueLu/HHG: need numLevels of hierarchy · 0041bb3e
      Matthias Mayr authored
      After creating the hierarchy, we need to now its number of levels in
      order to run the HHG-specific V-cycle. For now, we extract this
      information from the HHG prolongator data structure.
      Part of #4084.
      Note: also fix Matlab syntax. Use ' instead of " and move LID widget to Utils file
    • Luc Berger-Vergiat's avatar
      MueLu: seperating capabilities in composite_to_regions driver · 8c3bdae2
      Luc Berger-Vergiat authored
      The idea is to seperate some capabilites from the actual driver in order to develop more generic HHG headers.
      These headers can then be included in various driver instead of the current in-place use.
      This new header defines hierarchy setup functions and the vCycle.
      It could be renamed RegionMG but let's think about that later.
      It exposes a better split among various functions that are used in the Region MG algorithm.
      A few const qualifiers have been modified to be more accurate.
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      Merge Pull Request #5037 from lucbv/Trilinos/MueLu_Maxwell3D_Tpetra_fix · bfab1d66
      trilinos-autotester authored
      Automatically Merged using Trilinos Pull Request AutoTester
      PR Title: MueLu: fixing bug in Maxwell3D Tpetra see #4989
      PR Author: lucbv
    • Roscoe A. Bartlett's avatar
      Add ctest -S driver for waterman_cuda-9.2_shared_opt for SPARC (ATDV-151) · ea8d16f6
      Roscoe A. Bartlett authored
      This will be used for installs for SPARC.
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    • Roscoe A. Bartlett's avatar
      Set up for alternate workspace, install as atdm-devops, etc. (#2689, ATDV-151, ATDV-156) · ea8db7cd
      Roscoe A. Bartlett authored
      This is mainly to allow the usage of installation as the 'atdm-devops-admin'
      user account using the 'jenkins' entity account on various systems and
      therefore protect the installs of Trilinos from bad 'jenkins' jobs.  There is
      a lot little things you need to do to get this work:
      * ATDM_CONFIG_WORKSPACE_BASE[_DEFAULT]: Use a different workspace for
        SRC_AND_BUILD (which will allow for reading by the 'atdm-devops-admin'
        account).  (And you must 'cd' into that workspace.)
      * ATDM_CONFIG_INSTALL_PBP_RUNNER[_DEFAULT]: Allow inserting the
        'run-as-atdm-devops-admin' setuid program to run the install command as the
        'atdm-devops-admin' user.
        base directory for a given system.
      * ATDM_CONFIG_USE_JENKINS_INSTALL_DEFAULTS: Set to '1' to use the defaults for
        the above three vars.
      See updated documentation for more details.
    • Chris Siefert's avatar
      Stokhos: Xpetra ETI Fixes · 7f5a4680
      Chris Siefert authored
    • Mark Hoemmen's avatar
      Tpetra: Fix #5038 (spurious "unused function" build warnings) · b3b7eab7
      Mark Hoemmen authored
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