1. 09 Dec, 2013 6 commits
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  4. 06 Dec, 2013 17 commits
  5. 05 Dec, 2013 13 commits
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    • Paul Tsuji's avatar
      Moving MueLu::Amesos2BlockSmoother to MueLu::SchwarzSmoother; this · 5f76ae85
      Paul Tsuji authored
      allows the use of both Ifpack2 preconditioners and Amesos2 solvers.
    • crtrott's avatar
      Tpetra: CrsGraph: Fixed incorrect ArrayRCP assignment. · e78ce544
      crtrott authored
      This only affects the kokkos_refactor version of CrsGraph.
      Build/Test Cases Summary
      Enabled Packages: KokkosClassic, Kokkos, KokkosCompat, KokkosCore, Tpetra
      Disabled Packages: MOOCHO,Rythmos,Amesos,Anasazi,OptiPack,Moertel,FEI,NOX,RBGen
      Enabled all Forward Packages
      0) MPI_DEBUG => passed: passed=320,notpassed=0 (5.64 min)
      1) SERIAL_RELEASE => passed: passed=277,notpassed=0 (0.53 min)
      Other local commits for this build/test group: 6ff05e0, f9825d5, 6a5016a
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      Tpetra: Fixed incorrect assumption that DefaultNodeType == SerialNode. · f49158e7
      crtrott authored
      Two Tpetra unit tests were incorrectly assuming that
      KokkosClassic::DefaultNode::DefaultNodeType ==
      KokkosClassic::SerialNode.  This commit fixes that assumption.
    • crtrott's avatar
      Kokkos: Core: View: Added non_const_type public typedef. · 979e3606
      crtrott authored
      This is the nonconst version of const_type.  We found it useful
      for implementing something in Tpetra::CrsMatrix, but it should be
      as generally useful as const_type.
    • crtrott's avatar
      Kokkos: New Kokkos wrapper Node can now be DefaultNode. · ddf3eea6
      crtrott authored
      WARNING: This commit will break Tpetra and its downstream packages.  We
      have separated it out into a separate commit in order to make a nicer
      commit message, and also because other files that we had to change (in
      order to build tests) don't have much to do with the goal of this
      NOTE: Please blame Mark Hoemmen <mhoemme@sandia.gov> (who is writing this
      commit message) for any breakage that results from this commit.
      The goal of this commit is to make it possible for
      KokkosClassic::DefaultNode::DefaultNodeType to be any of the new Kokkos
      wrapper Node types.  These types include the following:
        - Kokkos::Compat::KokkosCudaWrapperNode
        - Kokkos::Compat::KokkosOpenMPWrapperNode
        - Kokkos::Compat::KokkosThreadsWrapperNode
      You may specify the default Node type using the CMake option
      KokkosClassic_DefaultNode.  For example:
      In order to make this work, we had to do the following:
      1. We reversed the dependency between KokkosClassic and KokkosCompat.
      It used to be that KokkosCompat had a required dependency on
      KokkosClassic.  Now KokkosClassic has an optional dependency on
      KokkosCompat.  We will need to move one unit test into KokkosClassic in
      order to make all the tests work; we disabled that one test for now.
      2. We moved the Kokkos::Compat::NodeDevice struct (which maps from
      KokkosClassic Node type to new Kokkos Device type) from KokkosCompat to
      3. We fixed some use of const and static in KokkosClassic functors.
      This should only be a problem for users who are writing their own
      KokkosClassic functors and were depending on functor methods being
      class (static) methods, instead of const instance methods.
      Subsequent commits will address build issues in Kokkos and Tpetra that
      this commit introduces.
    • Andrey Prokopenko's avatar
      Isorropia: fixed misprints in using omp flush · 56554e85
      Andrey Prokopenko authored
      Was std::flush instead of simply flush.
    • Andrey Prokopenko's avatar
      ML: fixed a memory corruption in matrix read example · d4e9c626
      Andrey Prokopenko authored
      The line length was not enough to hold Matrix Market header.
    • Brent Perschbacher's avatar
      Seacas: Fix issue with Trilinos build · 6cbdd9f2
      Brent Perschbacher authored
      A file was being configured directly into the installation directory which
      causes problems when the configuration doesn't specify an installation prefix
      since cmake defaults to /usr which often isn't writable by the user configuring.
      The configure logic was changed to configure the file directly in the build tree
      and then register the configured file for installation. This will prevent the
      file from appearing in the installation path unless a user actually runs an
      install build.
      (From Sierra)
      Build/Test Cases Summary
      Enabled Packages: SEACASExodiff, SEACAS
      Disabled Packages: Panzer,PyTrilinos,SEACASExo2mat,SEACASMat2exo
      Enabled all Forward Packages
      0) MPI_DEBUG => Skipped configure, build, test due to no enabled packages! => Does not affect push readiness! (-1.00 min)
      1) SERIAL_RELEASE => Skipped configure, build, test due to no enabled packages! => Does not affect push readiness! (-1.00 min)
      2) MPI_DEBUG_SS => passed: passed=120,notpassed=0 (27.10 min)
      3) SERIAL_RELEASE_SS => passed: passed=122,notpassed=0 (29.00 min)
      Other local commits for this build/test group: 0f5866e, f8a11c4
    • Greg Sjaardema's avatar
      SEACAS: exodiff - fix bug in error message output · aa342dcb
      Greg Sjaardema authored
      (From Sierra)
    • Greg Sjaardema's avatar
      SEACAS: Add exodus.py (for Trilinos and standalone seacas) · abd4fa9d
      Greg Sjaardema authored
      (From Sierra)
    • James Willenbring's avatar
      Bug 5998. · 9ec591cc
      James Willenbring authored
      Added a missing #include.
      Build/Test Cases Summary
      Enabled Packages: KokkosCore
      0) MPI_DEBUG => Test case MPI_DEBUG was not run! => Does not affect push readiness! (-1.00 min)
      1) SERIAL_RELEASE => Test case SERIAL_RELEASE was not run! => Does not affect push readiness! (-1.00 min)
      2) MPI_DEBUG => passed: passed=2,notpassed=0 (0.97 min)
      3) SERIAL_RELEASE => passed: passed=2,notpassed=0 (0.92 min)
    • Mark Hoemmen's avatar
      Ifpack2: RILUK: Removed duplicate definition of computeCondEst method. · c6ff0894
      Mark Hoemmen authored
      Build/Test Cases Summary
      Enabled Packages: Ifpack2
      0) MPI_DEBUG => passed: passed=23,notpassed=0 (0.52 min)
      1) SERIAL_RELEASE => passed: passed=18,notpassed=0 (0.09 min)