Storage reversal, alternative to #1513

James Willenbring requested to merge aprokop:ilu_reverse into develop

Created by: aprokop

@trilinos/ifpack2 @trilinos/tpetra @mhoemmen @sthomas61

Seems to work, but multiple improvements required:

  • See #1523 Could be bypassed if Tpetra provided a CrsMatrix constructor taking in all 4 maps and a Kokkos matrix. The only Kokkos matrix-based constructor takes in only row and column maps at this point.
  • Call setMatrix for U_solver_ and L_solver_ in RILUK's compute() so that the solver storage is updated
  • Remove pointer equal shortcut LocalSparseTriangularSolver::setMatrix so that the storage is updated (otherwise, if matrix values are updated but stored in the same matrix, these updates are ignored)
  • Need to move some stuff to parallel regions, if serial works out well

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