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Amesos2 Fix for older Umfpack versions. #1584 #1846

James Willenbring requested to merge Tech-XCorp:amesos2UmfpackFixes into develop

Created by: MicheldeMessieres

For Umfpack versions <5 this changes the Umfpack test so it does not call complex.

This is because the wrapper currently relies on being able to pass Re-Im as a single array. That is not supported in older Umfpack versions.

This PR also includes the changes taken from #1846 to remove the UMFPACK namespace and add the extern "C", which is not included in older umfpack.h files.

This PR will fix the Amesos2 Umfpack test to pass for both old and new versions.

This was tested on a gcc 4.8.5 linux machine for both Umfpack 4.1 and the most recent Umfpack from SuiteSparse. Also ran a default SEMS for Amesos2 enabled.

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