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Move the mpiexec args before -np not after (#2699)

Created by: bartlettroscoe

CC: @fryeguy52, @jmgate

The instructions on the 'serrano' support page say that these arguments should go before the -np argument, not after the --n arugment. I am hoping this will fix some of the failures we are seeing as described in #2699 (closed).

Also, I changed the -np argument to --n to match exactly what the 'serrano' support page says to do.

How Has This Been Tested?

On serrano, I ran:

$ ./ intel-opt-openmp --enable-packages=Rythmos,MueLu --configure --build

$ salloc -N1 --time=00:20:00 --account=fy150090 \
  ./ intel-opt-openmp --enable-packages=Rythmos,MueLu --test

That returned:

PASSED (NOT READY TO PUSH): Trilinos: serrano-login5

Thu May 10 17:30:21 MDT 2018

Enabled Packages: Rythmos, MueLu

Build test results:
0) MPI_RELEASE_DEBUG_SHARED_PT => Test case MPI_RELEASE_DEBUG_SHARED_PT was not run! => Does not affect push readiness! (-1.00 min)
1) intel-opt-openmp => passed: passed=125,notpassed=0 (1.06 min)

Now, all of the Rythmos tests were already passing for the intel-opt-openmp build. But the fact there were no failing MueLu tests is hopeful.

NOTE: I could not run the intel-debug-openmp build because it takes up too much disk space and bombs out my 50G disk quota before it completes the build. It would be nice to run that build because that is were we saw the most failures.


  • All new and existing tests passed.

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