Switch all builds on 'white' and 'ride' to use all-at-oce approch (TRIL-198)

Created by: bartlettroscoe

Given data from past runs, this should result in less frequent crashing of the 'bsub' command. This will also just speed up the build by about a factor of 2 and speed up running the tests by about 25%.

I tested this locally on 'white' with:

$ time env \
     JOB_NAME=Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-cuda-debug \
     Trilinos_PACKAGES=Kokkos,Teuchos \
     CTEST_TEST_TYPE=Experimental \
     CTEST_START_WITH_EMPTY_BINARY_DIRECTORY=FALSE   ~/Trilinos.base/Trilinos/cmake/ctest/drivers/atdm/smart-jenkins-driver.sh \
   &> console.out

and it showed that it used the all-at-once approach.

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