Tril 198 cmake 3.11.2 ninja 1.8.2

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Created by: bartlettroscoe

CC: @fryeguy52


Updated ATDM Trilinos builds on 'white' and 'ride' to use manually installed CMake 3.11.2 and Ninja 1.8.2 (which supports CMake Fortran builds). I also did some refactoring to remove duplication. See the commit log messages and diffs. There are not many changes here.

Motivation and Context

There is hope that this will address several issues.

  • The ninja module load failures in the Jenkins builds on 'ride' (see TRIL-208).
  • Crashing of 'bsub' on 'white' and 'ride' (see TRIL-198). (Hoping the new libuv implementation of the ctest test job runner may magically fix the problems with 'bsub' crashing while running tests with ctest -S.)

How Has This Been Tested?

I did quite a bit of manual testing for these changes. I think this is pretty solid.

  • Do local testing on 'white':

    • [Done]
    • Jenkins driver [Done]
  • Set up experimental Jenkins job 'Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-cuda-opt' on that runs a build on branch tril-198-cmake-3.11.2-ninja-1.8.2 of my fork. => See [Jenkins log[( and CDash build.

  • Do local testing on 'ride':

    • [Done]
    • Jenkins driver [Done]
  • Set up experimental Jenkins jobs on that runs build on branch tril-198-cmake-3.11.2-ninja-1.8.2 => See Jenkins log and CDash build.

  • Do local testing on 'serrano' (to test change in split Jenkins driver):

    • [Done]
    • Jenkins driver [Done]


  • My commit messages mention the appropriate GitHub issue numbers.
  • All new and existing tests passed.

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