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Ifpack2 + Belos + equilibration demo

James Willenbring requested to merge Ifpack2-Belos-equilibration-demo into develop

Created by: mhoemmen

Add an Ifpack2 example that demonstrates a complete linear solver:

  • Belos iterative solver
  • Ifpack2 preconditioner (optional)
  • Equilibration (optional), using new Tpetra capabilities I added recently

@trilinos/ifpack2 @trilinos/tpetra @trilinos/belos


This is an example, not a new feature. It's not clear where a feature would go in Trilinos.

Motivation and Context

Sierra (specifically Fuego) really really needs row scaling. It works great with their AztecOO solves.

How Has This Been Tested?

Locally, with various command-line options.


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