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Ifpack2,Tpetra: Fix #2869, & fix some #2630 deprecated warnings

James Willenbring requested to merge mhoemmen:Ifpack2-remove-diags-tri into develop

Created by: mhoemmen

@trilinos/ifpack2 @trilinos/tpetra


  • Fix #2869 (closed) (Tpetra::RowGraph::supportsRowViews was not marked virtual)
  • Fix some deprecated warnings relating to #2630 that show up in Ifpack2

Motivation and Context

  • #2869 (closed) relates to host-only CrsGraph access code, that accesses CrsGraph through RowGraph virtual methods; fixing it could improve MueLu performance
  • @ibaned reported Albany being swamped with deprecated warnings; this PR should reduce the number of warnings Albany and other applications see

Related Issues

How Has This Been Tested?

With Clang, on MacOS X


  • My commit messages mention the appropriate GitHub issue numbers.
  • My code follows the code style of the affected package(s).
  • I have read the code contribution guidelines for this project.
  • All new and existing tests passed.
  • No new compiler warnings were introduced.
  • These changes break backwards compatibility.

These changes do technically break backwards compatibility, in that users of Ifpack2 subclasses of Tpetra::RowGraph and Tpetra::RowMatrix may no longer call methods deprecated by #2630: isLowerTriangular, isUpperTriangular, getNodeNumDiags, and getGlobalNumDiags. These methods still exist and build, but now always throw std::logic_error. Ifpack2's subclasses of RowGraph and RowMatrix are really implementation details of Ifpack2; users would normally have no reason to rely on them.

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