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Ifpack2: updated block relaxation options in user's guide (Fix #971)

James Willenbring requested to merge brian-kelley:Fix971 into develop

Created by: brian-kelley

Also fixed the actual default BlockRelaxation container type (set in getValidParameters()) from "TriDi" to "Dense" to match the documentation, comments and value set in the constructor.



In options.tex for the Ifpack2 user's guide, added brief documentation for the BlockRelaxation parameters that were missing. Did not add the "schwarz: ..." options, which are valid (added to list in BlockRelaxation::getValidParameters()) but whose values are never used, so there is no reason for users to care about them.

Motivation and Context

The section of the user's guide about BlockRelaxation was out of date and it was necessary to look at source code to find the full set of valid parameters and their meanings.

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