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Amesos2: Attempted fix for #3234

James Willenbring requested to merge Fix-3234 into develop

Created by: mhoemmen

@trilinos/amesos2 @trilinos/tpetra @micahahoward @tcfisher


Amesos2's SuperLU-DIST instantiations were not building correctly with Amesos2_ENABLE_Epetra=OFF and Tpetra_INST_INT_INT=OFF (i.e., with GlobalOrdinal=int off). This commit should fix that. Other solvers in Amesos2 appear to do their instantiations correctly.

Motivation and Context

SPARC needs to turn off GlobalOrdinal=int in order to build Trilinos in a more reasonable time.

Related Issues

How Has This Been Tested?

Linux, GCC, OpenMPI.


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