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Tempus: Improve Observer Names.

James Willenbring requested to merge tempus-improve-observer-name-3697 into develop

Created by: ccober6

Made changes to reduce confusion related to IntegratorObserver::acceptTimeStep(). acceptTimeStep() checked if the timestep should be accepted or failed and promoting if passing. “acceptTimeStep” was being read as a statement, "accept the timestep", when it was meant as a question, “accept the timestep?”. To reduce this confusion, acceptTimeStep has been split into the determination of the time step passing (now checkTimeStep()) and promotion of the time step (now promoteWorkingState() is part of the Integrator time loop). Also two observers, observeAfterCheckTimeStep() and observeEndTimeStep, have replaced the observeAcceptedTimeStep(). Work previously completed in observeAcceptedTimeStep() will likely move into observeEndTimeStep(), unless it deals with the acceptance of a time step as passing which would go into observeAfterCheckTimeStep().

Passed all tests.

Closes #3697 (closed)



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