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Remove Piro disable for #2474 and add Panzer disable for #3579

Created by: bartlettroscoe

@trilinos/panzer, @trilinos/piro, @fryeguy52


Commits to remove Piro_MatrixFreeDecorator_UnitTests_MPI_4 test disables as per #2474 (closed) and add PanzerAdaptersSTK_CurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Quad-Order-4 test disables for CUDA builds on 'white/ride' and 'hansen/shiller' as per #3579 (closed).

Motivation and Context

We agreed to enable this Piro test everywhere (see #2474 (closed)) and we agreed to disable this Panzer test for CUDA builds on 'white/ride' and 'hansen/shiller' (see #3579 (closed)).

How Has This Been Tested?

I did local configures of Panzer on 'white' using

$ ./ cuda-9.2-opt-Power8-Kepler37 --enable-packages=Piro,Panzer --configure

$ grep _DISABLE cuda-9.2-opt-Power8-Kepler37/configure.out 
-- Setting default PanzerAdaptersSTK_CurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Quad-Order-4_DISABLE=ON
-- PanzerAdaptersSTK_CurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Quad-Order-4: NOT added test because PanzerAdaptersSTK_CurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Quad-Order-4_DISABLE='ON'!

so the Panzer test is being disabled correctly in 'white'. (I will just assume it will be disabled correctly on 'hansen/shiller'.)


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