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Amesos2: Compile error with MUMPS

James Willenbring requested to merge finkandreas:patch-1 into develop

Created by: finkandreas

Error message:

trilinos/src/packages/amesos2/src/Amesos2_MUMPS_def.hpp:278:37: error: redeclaration of 'Teuchos::TimeMonitor redistTimer'
     Teuchos::TimeMonitor redistTimer(this->timers_.vecRedistTime_);
trilinos/src/packages/amesos2/src/Amesos2_MUMPS_def.hpp:246:26: note: 'Teuchos::TimeMonitor redistTimer' previously declared here
     Teuchos::TimeMonitor redistTimer( this->timers_.vecRedistTime_ );

Necessary condition for cmake configure is to enable explicitly Amesos2_ENABLE_MUMPS=ON. Using the combination TPL_ENABLE_MUMPS=ON and Trilinos_ENABLE_Amesos2=ON will show a message that Amesos2_ENABLE_MUMPS is set to ON, when in reality it will not be set to ON (didn't dig into that issue though).

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