Ifpack2: Expand "relaxation w/ equilibration" example

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As part of #3787 (closed), I expanded Ifpack2's "relaxation with equilibration" example, into a tool that I found useful for comparing solvers and preconditioners. I added the following features:

  • Add hand-rolled BiCGSTAB that imitates AztecOO's implementation of BiCGSTAB
  • Add hand-rolled BiCGSTAB that imitates van der Vorst's unpreconditioned BiCGSTAB
  • Add AztecOO + Epetra solver to example (converts from Tpetra to Epetra)
  • Add option to compare with dense (LAPACK) solvers. We compare with two solvers: an SVD-based least-squares solver, and LU factorization with partial pivoting and equilibration.
  • Add eigenvalue display to dense (LAPACK) solver option
  • Show explicit residual norm for each (iterative) solver
  • Add printSolution option

I think this could be useful for other tasks, so I'm adding it permanently to Ifpack2.

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