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Panzer: remove use of kokkos deprecated features

Created by: rppawlo

This commit removes all use of deprecated kokkos features in panzer. Next kokkos promotion will remove these features as noted by @ndellingwood in email below.

Hi Roger,

While prepping for the next Kokkos+KokkosKernels promotion I saw several Panzer tests were failing with Cuda in the Trilinos develop branch (SHA 80e2cb32) when configuring with KOKKOS_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_CODE=OFF (none of them failed with deprecated code on, as expected). These failures must have slipped in after the previous promotion, but are not caused by any recent updates in Kokkos. The runtime failures seem to be caused by view(s) being constructed somewhere with more arguments than dynamic rank (e.g. View<double*> v(“v”, N, M); would trigger such an error with deprecated code off).

I’ll put more reproducer info below, let me know if you’d like an issue opened on Github for tracking.



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