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Disable Panzer in clang-5.0.1 build for now (#4486)

Created by: bartlettroscoe

Temporary mitigation for #4486 (closed)

These Panzer build failures are bring down the SPARC Trilinos Integration testing since they seem to be causing the install of Trilinos to not occur and therefore the clang-5.0.1 build of SPARC can't pick this up. Therefore, these build failures have taking out SPARC Trilinos Integration testing. Since SPARC does not use Panzer and EMPIRE does not build with clang-5.0.1 on CEE RHEL6, disabling Panzer in this build does not harm anything (other than disabling the only automated clang testing of Panzer).

Once the build failures can be fixed, we can re-enable this.

I tested this on 'ceerws1113' using:

$ ./ cee-rhel6_clang-5.0.1_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_static_opt

which posed the configure to CDash shown here which showed:

Final set of non-enabled packages:  ... Panzer ... 21

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