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Allow Panzer testing in cee-rhel6 clang-5.0.1 build

Created by: bartlettroscoe

Allow the enable of Panzer that was removed in commit cb0da4ae (see addresses #4486 (closed)).

Panzer now builds and passes tests.

I tested this with on 'ceerws1113' with:

$ ./ cee-rhel6_clang-5.0.1_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_static_opt  \
    --enable-packages=Panzer --local-do-all

which returned:

PASSED (NOT READY TO PUSH): Trilinos: ceerws1113

Tue Feb 26 15:00:10 MST 2019

Enabled Packages: Panzer

Build test results:
1) cee-rhel6_clang-5.0.1_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_static_opt => passed: passed=173,notpassed=0 (24.69 min)

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