Switch from testing-vm to testing.sandia.gov

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Created by: bartlettroscoe

I noticed today that at some point I could not get to testing-vm.sandia.gov in the browser but I could get to testing.sandia.gov. Therefore, I figured this might be the cause of the CDash upload problem I reported to Kitware today for the build Trilinos-atdm-waterman-cuda-9.2-release-debug in:

I tested this locally on 'crf450' with:

$ env Trilinos_PACKAGES=Kokkos,Teuchos  \
  ./ctest-s-local-test-driver.sh sems-rhel6-gnu-7.2.0-openmp-release-debug

which showed, for example:

Submit files (using http)
   Send to track: Experimental
   Using HTTP submit method
   Drop site:http://testing.sandia.gov/cdash/submit.php?project=Trilinos
   Uploaded: /ascldap/users/rabartl/Trilinos.base/BUILDS/ATDM/CTEST_S/Trilinos-atdm-sems-rhel6-gnu-7.2.0-openmp-release-debug/SRC_AND_BUILD/BUILD/Testing/20190320-2350/Test.xml
   Submission successful

and that showed up on CDash at:

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