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Fix TriBITS Dashboard Driver usage in Trilinos

James Willenbring requested to merge tribits_github_snapshot into develop

Created by: bartlettroscoe

This should fix #4796 (closed). I did not test it manually (there are no automated tests) since I don't have any builds that use this deprecated system anymore but I would bet money that it does.

This also brings in some other TriBITS updates as well:

  • tribitspub/tribits@6d39e22 Run git log in orig-dir/ with -- . to get correct sha1
  • tribitspub/tribits@e155f5d Don't require ${PROJECT_NAME}_TRIBITS_DIR for includes of utils files (trilinos/Trilinos#4796)
  • tribitspub/tribits@7389a43 Merge pull request #285 (closed) from gsjaardema/patch-4
  • tribitspub/tribits@e059a8d NETCDF: Fix search of netcdf_meta
  • tribitspub/tribits@55d85d2 Merge pull request #284 (closed) from TriBITSPub/282-remove-duplicate-libs
  • tribitspub/tribits@9f49538 Remove duplicates in project library list and TPL include list
  • tribitspub/tribits@6340599 Add failing test showing duplication in Config.cmake libs and TPL incl dirs
  • tribitspub/tribits@b68e808 Add real git clone tests to local invocation

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