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Exclude 'ride14' from running pure 'debug' builds (ATDV-159)

Created by: bartlettroscoe


Seems that 'ride14' triggers several timeouts in the pure 'debug' builds but other nodes don't show any of these timeouts. This occurred 3 different times and all on 'ride14' (see ATDV-159).

Seems that 'ride14' runs the other builds okay so this seems like a safe change to make.

How Has This Been Tested?

I tested this on 'ride' with:

$ cd /home/rabartl/Trilinos.base/BUILDS/RIDE/CTEST_S/

$ env Trilinos_PACKAGES=Kokkos \
    ./ cuda-9.2-gnu-7.2.0-debug gnu-7.2.0-openmp-debug

*** ./  cuda-9.2-gnu-7.2.0-debug gnu-7.2.0-openmp-debug

ATDM_TRILINOS_DIR = '/home/rabartl/Trilinos.base/Trilinos'

Load some env to get python, cmake, etc ...

Hostname 'ride6' matches known ATDM host 'ride' and system 'ride'
Setting compiler and build options for buld name 'default'
Using white/ride compiler stack GNU-7.2.0 to build DEBUG code with Kokkos node type SERIAL and KOKKOS_ARCH=Power8

Running builds:

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-cuda-9.2-gnu-7.2.0-debug
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    6m26.240s
user    0m0.641s
sys     0m0.235s

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-gnu-7.2.0-openmp-debug
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    4m59.635s
user    0m0.686s
sys     0m0.200s

The local output showed:

+ bsub -x -Is -q rhel7F -n 16 -J Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-cuda-9.2-gnu-7.2.0-debug -W 12:00 -R 'hname!=ride14' /ascldap/users/rabartl/Trilinos.base/BUILDS/RIDE/CTEST_S/Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-cuda-9.2-gnu-7.2.0-debug/Trilinos/cmake/ctest/drivers/atdm/
***Forced exclusive execution
Job <855577> is submitted to queue <rhel7F>.
<<Waiting for dispatch ...>>
<<Starting on ride10>>


+ bsub -x -Is -q rhel7F -n 16 -J Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-gnu-7.2.0-openmp-debug -W 12:00 -R 'hname!=ride14' /ascldap/users/rabartl/Trilinos.base/BUILDS/RIDE/CTEST_S/Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-gnu-7.2.0-openmp-debug/Trilinos/cmake/ctest/drivers/atdm/
***Forced exclusive execution
Job <855580> is submitted to queue <rhel7F>.
<<Waiting for dispatch ...>>
<<Starting on ride13>>

This submitted to:

That looks right to me.

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