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Make installs more robust handle directory permissions (#2689)

Created by: bartlettroscoe

This PR sets up the ATDM Trilinos build of Trilinos to automatically make the install directories world-readable and it makes the installs performed by tribits_ctest_driver() more robust. In the past, if there was even a single build error such as in Panzer or Piro, it would stop the install of Trilinos. That broke the SPARC Trilinos Integration builds where SPARC does not even depend on Piro or Panzer. With this new setup , if packages that SPARC does not use fail to build, it will not stop the other packages SPARC does use from getting correctly built and installed. This therefore decouples the SPARC and EMPIRE packages in the testing and installation process. Therefore, we can get away with a single set of builds for SPARC, EMPIRE, and Gemma.

How this was tested:

There is strong testing for this in TriBITS but the one Trilinos-specific commit was tested locally just to make sure the variable Trilinos_MAKE_INSTALL_WORLD_READABLE=ON is getting set correctly. I set the umask to u=rwx,g=,o= and then did the make install and it correctly set the permissions on the created dirs to group and world readable.

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