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SEACAS: cgns - fix zgc uniquification

James Willenbring requested to merge gsjaardema:seacas-cgns-zgc-fix into develop

Created by: gsjaardema



Fix for SPARC

  • The ZoneGridConnectivity instances need to be unique for a zone. In the file-per-processor case, there may be multiple ZGC with the same name that arise due to processor decomposition. The previous code assumed a maximum of 26 instances and made them unique by appending a 'A' ... 'Z' to the name until found a unique name. Failure was not detected.

New code tries 'A' .. 'Z' and if not unique, then tries 'AA' 'AB',...'ZZ' and if still not unique it will stop and output a meaningful error message.

Also added some debugging output for the non-file-per-processor output to make sure that zgc consolidation is working correctly

Motivation and Context

How Has This Been Tested?

Tested on actual mesh that was causing issues with original code. A representation of this mesh is now in test suite (which will be in later commit)


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