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MueLu: linear region mg capability

James Willenbring requested to merge lucbv:MueLu_linear_regionMG into develop

Created by: lucbv

The idea is to only look at what happens to point injected from the fine level to the coarse level as these are equivalent to root points. These nodes are easily detected as their corresponding rows in the prolongator contain only one entry. Also adding a couple of command line options to drive the solver more finely and using command line argument in linear convergence criteria.



I am adding some logic in the function that creates coarse composite maps so that it can handle the case of piece-wise linear prolongator. This adds a good new capability to the code and might also allow to obtain faster convergence at large scale. I am also hooking the MG parameters and the command line arguments more logically together which will allow us to drive the simulation more easily.

Motivation and Context

This provides a logical extension of the current work on region MG and rationalizes the command line input parameters.

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How Has This Been Tested?

Local tests have been performed and manual inspection of output data has been done for the new algorithm


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