Commit 06d69ae7 authored by Elliott Slaughter's avatar Elliott Slaughter
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Put OLCF lib override back, but late in the build process to avoid breaking build.

parent ac1158f2
......@@ -242,6 +242,29 @@ fi
# Overwrite the conda libraries with system libraries => don't let anaconda
# provide libraries (like openmp) that are already provided by the system
# FIXME (Elliott): After this point, CMake will be BROKEN. If you try
# to do any further builds, they will NOT work. The error looks like:
# cmake: symbol lookup error: cmake: undefined symbol: uv_fs_get_system_error
# This is probably happening because we're overwriting important
# libraries from Conda with system ones. Unfortunately, this does not
# work. I think the long term solution needs to be more precise about
# exactly what system libraries we're going to get (e.g., OpenMP, but
# not others). What we've got right now is far too indiscriminant. But
# as an immediate hack, we'll just put this as late in the build as
# possible so that we hope we don't mess with anything important.
if [[ ${target} = *"summit"* || ${target} = *"ascent"* ]]
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