Build on Crusher

Closed Darren Jason Hsu requested to merge djh/crusher into development

This merge request is to enable building of Spinifel on Crusher. To enable so, I made the following changes:

In .gitmodules:

  1. changed dependency on pycuda to pybindgpu by @jpblaschke (currently this points to a fork branch that can be installed with pip install -e .)
  2. changed cufinufft submodule pointer to my branch that also has the pycuda dependency replaced with pybindgpu (now pulled back into eds/hip)

In setup/:

  1. added in build-from-scratch script instruction to build pybindgpu and cufinufft on Crusher/Frontier
  2. changed module use path in to use a newer llvm compiler as well as force both cupy and cufinufft to use the same on Cursher updated to ROCm 5.4.3 so this is no longer necessary

In settings/:

  1. added test settings for Crusher in settings

In ./:

  1. added Crusher submission script
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