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Tril 200 serrano fixups

Created by: bartlettroscoe



This PR contains several fix-ups for the builds on 'serrano'. See the set of commits for what the changes are. There are good descriptions in the log messages in those.

However, the big things are:

  • Disable the Panzer test PanzerAdaptersSTK_MixedPoissonExample-ConvTest-Hex-Order-3 for intel-debug-openmp builds (#2751, commit 652a0113)

  • Try to fix failing tests by setting KOKKOS_ARCH=BDW (1a271e56) and switch to mpiexec --bind-by socket (e1944ed1) (#2699 (closed))

  • Enabled the usage of Ninja (297cf268)

Related Issues

How Has This Been Tested?

I tested this locally on 'serrano' using:

$ ./ intel-opt-openmp \
   --enable-packages=Kokkos,Panzer --allow-no-pull --configure --build --send-email-to=

$ salloc -N1 --time=0:20:00 --account=fy150090 \
  ./ intel-opt-openmp \
 --enable-packages=Kokkos,Panzer --test

This gave the result:

PASSED (NOT READY TO PUSH): Trilinos: serrano-login5

Wed May 16 08:23:59 MDT 2018

Enabled Packages: Kokkos, Panzer

Build test results:
0) MPI_RELEASE_DEBUG_SHARED_PT => Test case MPI_RELEASE_DEBUG_SHARED_PT was not run! => Does not affect push readiness! (-1.00 min)
1) intel-opt-openmp => passed: passed=180,notpassed=0 (2.68 min)

Unfortunately, I can't currently test the intel-debug-openmp build because it takes too much disk space and there is a quote of 50G in my home space on 'serrano'. I only have the disk space to test the intel-opt-openmp build.


  • My commit messages mention the appropriate GitHub issue numbers.
  • My change requires a change to the documentation.
  • I have updated the documentation accordingly.
  • All new and existing tests passed.
  • No new compiler warnings were introduced.

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