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Tpetra: Progress on #57

James Willenbring requested to merge mhoemmen:Progress-on-57 into develop

Created by: mhoemmen

@trilinos/tpetra @trilinos/xpetra @trilinos/muelu @trilinos/stokhos @trilinos/belos


  1. Xpetra,Tpetra: Purge defaultArgNode; just create a Node instance

Node creation does nothing now, so there's no need to have functions like defaultArgNode (see e.g., #3033 (closed)). I changed Xpetra and Tpetra so they now just create the Node instance.

  1. Tpetra: Remove GO=int dependency from Bug 5401 test

Map's Bug 5401 ("Bug" refers to bugs tracked in the older Bugzilla tracking system, not the GitHub issue tracking system) test) unnecessarily required that GlobalOrdinal = int. The test actually only requires a signed GlobalOrdinal type. This commit relaxes the unnecessary requirement.

  1. Tpetra: Deprecate KokkosClassic::Details::get(Default)Node

Deprecate KokkosClassic::Details::getNode and KokkosClassic::Details::getDefaultNode. Change downstream packages not to call these functions. Clean up many Tpetra tests.

  1. Xpetra: create(Uniform){Local,Contig}MapWithNode Node arg optional

For the following Xpetra functions, the Node argument is now optional:

  • createUniformContigMapWithNode
  • createContigMapWithNode
  • createLocalMapWithNode

This facilitates #57 (removal of Tpetra's Node template parameter, in favor of Kokkos::Device).

  1. Purge use of getNode from TpetraCore and Belos tests

  2. Fix build warnings and clean up many tests

Motivation and Context

Tpetra will deprecate and remove Node in favor of Kokkos::Device. If we don't create or use Node, it's easier to deprecate it.

Related Issues

How Has This Been Tested?

Locally, with Clang on Mac.


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