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Add support for <system_name>/, update cee-rhel6 builds (TRIL-212)

Created by: bartlettroscoe



Adds a new feature which is a <system_name>/ file. This is used to define custom compiler and MPI compiler names. I used this for an updated 'cee-rhel6' env. This fixes the settings for all of the 'cee-rhel6' builds and now matches the current set of builds being used by SPARC on CEE RHEL6 machines (but not GPUs yet).

I also added a new simple local Ctest -S CDash driver script to make it easy to submit results to Experimental CDash.

Motivation and Context

Needed to update the 'cee-rhel6' env for the updated SPARC Trilinos configurations and this includes detailed compiler version info and the MPI implementation in the compiler name. See

How Has This Been Tested?

I used the new script from every supported machine and env to submit to Experimental CDash as shown here.

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