Atdm ride panzer disable

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Created by: fryeguy52

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This pull request disables some PanzerAdaptersSTK tests for some ATDM builds. The tests:

  • PanzerAdaptersSTK_MixedCurlLaplacianExample
  • PanzerAdaptersSTK_MixedCurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Tri-Order-1
  • PanzerAdaptersSTK_MixedCurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Tri-Order-2
  • PanzerAdaptersSTK_MixedCurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Quad-Order-3
  • PanzerAdaptersSTK_CurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Quad-Order-2

are disabled for all cuda builds.

The test:

  • PanzerAdaptersSTK_MixedCurlLaplacianExample-ConvTest-Tri-Order-1

is disabled on Trilinos-atdm-white-ride-cuda-9.2-opt

Motivation and Context

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How Has This Been Tested?

Local testing on ride shows that these tests are disabled for cuda builds but not the gnu builds

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