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Promoting 100% clean 'cee-rhel6' builds to 'ATDM' CDash group (TRIL-212)

Created by: bartlettroscoe

@trilinos/framework, @srajama1, @rppawlo, @kddevin, @jwillenbring, @mperego


As of today, these four 'cee-rhel6' builds are 100% clean. As these match the SPARC CI builds, these are important builds to elevate and maintain.

NOTE: The the intel-18.0.2 build is still not clean due to the problems with MKL GEEV() as described in issues #3499 and #3914 (closed) so we can't promote that build yet.

NOTE: Since these builds are run by a cron job on my CEE RHEL6 machine 'ceerws1113', the promotion has to be done in the driver scripts.

Motivation and Context

These are the only builds so far that protect SPARC's configuration of Trilinos (see TRIL-212) and these match SPARC's CI builds so these are critical to promote and maintain.

How Has This Been Tested?

Not tested. The changes are trivial. If there a a problem, we will see it on CDash (or fail to see it on CDash).

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