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Update ATDM 'cee-rhel6' builds to match SPARC CI builds and other good stuff

Created by: bartlettroscoe

CC: @fryeguy52


This PR branch does a few things but the focus is on updating the ATDM 'cee-rhel6' builds to exactly match the SPARC CI builds on the CEE RHEL6 machines. This includes fixing OpenMP builds and Shared builds with the 'cee-rhel6' env (and changes were needed to fix both of these).

See the commits for more details and other related refactorings.

Motivation and Context

This will facilitate installing these Trilinos builds and then testing SPARC 'master' against these builds of Trilinos as per the the plan given in:

For more details, see TRIL-212.

How Has This Been Tested?

I tested this (on my soon to be retired machine) 'ceerws1113' first using all with:

$ cd /scratch/rabartl/Trilinos.base/BUILDS/ATDM/CEE-RHEL6/CHECKIN/

$ ./ all --enable-packages=Kokkos,Teuchos --local-do-all

which returned:

PASSED (NOT READY TO PUSH): Trilinos: ceerws1113

Tue Jan  8 14:00:06 MST 2019

Enabled Packages: Kokkos, Teuchos

Build test results:
1) cee-rhel6_clang-5.0.1_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_static_opt => passed: passed=161,notpassed=0 (3.04 min)
2) cee-rhel6_gnu-4.9.3_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_shared_opt => passed: passed=163,notpassed=0 (3.17 min)
3) cee-rhel6_gnu-7.2.0_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_shared_opt => passed: passed=163,notpassed=0 (3.29 min)
4) cee-rhel6_intel-17.0.1_intelmpi-5.1.2_serial_static_opt => passed: passed=161,notpassed=0 (5.25 min)
5) cee-rhel6_intel-18.0.2_mpich2-3.2_openmp_static_opt => passed: passed=164,notpassed=0 (9.50 min)

I also tested this with the script with:

$ cd /scratch/rabartl/Trilinos.base/BUILDS/ATDM/CEE-RHEL6/JENKINS/

$ env Trilinos_PACKAGES=Kokkos,Teuchos ./ all

*** /scratch/rabartl/Trilinos.base/Trilinos/cmake/std/atdm/  all

ATDM_TRILINOS_DIR = '/scratch/rabartl/Trilinos.base/Trilinos'

Load some env to get python, cmake, etc ...

Hostname 'ceerws1113' matches known ATDM host 'cee-rhel6' and system 'cee-rhel6'
Setting compiler and build options for buld name 'cee-rhel6-default'
Using CEE RHEL6 compiler stack CLANG-5.0.1_OPENMPI-1.10.2 to build DEBUG code with Kokkos node type SERIAL

Running builds: cee-rhel6_clang-5.0.1_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_static_opt cee-rhel6_gnu-4.9.3_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_shared_opt cee-rhel6_gnu-7.2.0_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_shared_opt cee-rhel6_intel-17.0.1_intelmpi-5.1.2_serial_static_opt cee-rhel6_intel-18.0.2_mpich2-3.2_openmp_static_opt

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-cee-rhel6_clang-5.0.1_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_static_opt
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    3m44.575s
user    40m57.917s
sys     1m30.309s

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-cee-rhel6_gnu-4.9.3_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_shared_opt
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    3m21.177s
user    36m49.678s
sys     2m45.864s

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-cee-rhel6_gnu-7.2.0_openmpi-1.10.2_serial_shared_opt
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    3m11.414s
user    31m58.689s
sys     2m14.373s

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-cee-rhel6_intel-17.0.1_intelmpi-5.1.2_serial_static_opt
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    5m28.000s
user    49m42.750s
sys     4m26.200s

Running Jenkins driver ...

Creating directory: Trilinos-atdm-cee-rhel6_intel-18.0.2_mpich2-3.2_openmp_static_opt
Creating directory: SRC_AND_BUILD

real    8m16.095s
user    81m56.843s
sys     4m53.989s

Those all completed and submitted results to:

The only build with significant changes is the intel-18.0.2 build changing from a 'serial' build to an 'openmp' build but that is currently a non-promoted "Specialized" build so it is fine if new tests fail due to this.

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