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ShyLU/FROSch: use Muelu in Laplace problem

James Willenbring requested to merge mayrmt:frosch-muelu-for-laplace into develop

Created by: mayrmt



  • Laplace problem: Adding tests to use MueLu as a coarse level solver within FROSch's GDSW
  • Adding a more thorough error check to address #4208 (closed)
  • Stokes problem: read file name of HDF5-file from the command line

Motivation and Context

We want to try MueLu as coarse level solver for FROSch's GDSW. This starts with Laplace, but we aim at Stokes (or similar) problems in the end.

Related Issues

How Has This Been Tested?

I added an Epetra and a Tpetra test for the Laplace problem. Both pass locally.


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